Electric Bike Service

Fly Rides is one of the only Bosch E-Bike Expert Certified shops in the country, and we also specialize in servicing Brose, Yamaha and Shimano systems.

Our Sram certified techs can help you maintain your ebike for long-lasting riding fun!

Got a simple issue you need to troubleshoot? Check out the Fly Rides Tech Support Site for Service Tips, Tutorials and articles that will help you get the best out of your bike and get you back on the road!

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New Bike Tune Up

• For eBikes less than 3 months old AND with fewer than 300 miles on the odometer
• Shifting and brakes adjusted
• Software updated if available
• Complimentary for eBikes
purchased from Fly Rides

Basic Tune Up

• Safety check
• Basic wheel true
• Brakes checked & adjusted
• Drivetrain cleaned & adjusted
• Frame, rims, and tires
wiped down & polished

Comprehensive Tune Up $155

• Full wheel true
• Deep cleaning, lubrication, & adjustment of all primary components
• Assessment of housing & cables
• Frame, rims & tires wiped down & polished
• Installation of any new parts included

$60 minimum

• Our ebike experts will help you get your bike rolling again!
• $60 for up to 1 hour
• Shop rate for each additional hour or part thereof

Shop Rate

• Installation of Parts & Accessories
• Software Updates
• Upgrade or replace components

Flat Repair

• $15 + price of tube for mid-drive systems
• $30 + price of tube for hub systems
• $40/wheel for tubeless system install (available on select wheels)
• $15/wheel for tubeless system refresh

We have two great locations for service!

For service at our
La Jolla, San Diego location,
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San Diego Fly Rides
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For service at our
Hollywood, Los Angeles location,
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