2017 Bulls Cross Lite E Review

2017 Bulls Cross Lite E Review

The 2017 Bulls electric bikes are in! Bulls definitely impressed in 2016 as a new manufacturer in the States. They had us stoked to see their new bikes, and they did not disappoint! We’ll be working our way through testing out all these bikes and reporting back to you guys. For today, here is our 2017 Bulls Cross Lite E review.

For a few of their commuter bikes, Bulls has offered this really unique frame they are calling the wave frame. Here is a picture of the Cross Lite E wave frame:

2017 Bulls Cross Lite E Review

Basically, it’s an ultra low-step. This has a number of benefits. When mounting the bike, there is literally no difficulty. You just step right in. This is especially beneficial when you’re carrying panniers or a basket on the rear rack with heavy equipment. Normally there would be a certain amount of tilting the bike in order to get your leg over the crossbar, but not with this frame style. This frame also keeps you in a very upright position. This makes it easier for you to see traffic and for traffic to see you. Bulls also offers a step-thru (pictured below) and a standard frame which is featured at the top of the post.

2017 Bulls Cross Lite E Review

The components on this bike are ideal for commuting. Bulls has hooked you up with some really solid Shimano hydraulic disc brakes with great stopping power. They also have a really nice Suntour suspension fork with 63mm of travel which will make even the bumpiest roads comfortable to ride. Of course, they’ve got a rear rack to attach a basket and panniers. Finally, with an 11-speed Shimano Deore XT gearshifting system, this bike will get you up any steep hills.

The 2017 Bulls Cross Lite E is Bulls’ Bosch motor commuter. The 350 watt performance motor comes with a 500 watt hour battery this year. That’s about a 20% improvement on last year’s models. Basically, this means you’ll be able to go further per charge. The battery on this electric bike is super easy to access and can even be charged on the frame if you prefer charging that way.

The ride felt great on this bike! I took it around on some of our busier roads and felt very safe. You really do stay very upright on this bike. The Bosch motor smoothly integrates itself with the ride and doesn’t feel too imposing while still providing a powerful assist.

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Author: Scott Nickley

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