About San Diego Fly Rides

At San Diego Fly Rides we are committed to the Electric Bike lifestyle and the potential it has to get people back out on bikes! Our mission is simple: To consistently exceed your expectations on all accounts. We are passionate about active travel and creating experiences for our guests that are each a “tour de force”! Each route has been designed with a genuine love for all that San Diego has to offer. For us, this isn’t simply a business, but a privilege & honor to be chosen by our customers for the purchase of a bike, tour, or rental. If you have any questions about any of the products we carry or services we offer, please don’t hesitate to reach out, we’d love to hear from you!
Scroll down to learn about how San Diego Fly Rides was born, and to meet our team.

– Ike and Megan Fazzio, Founders, Biking Enthusiasts

Ike & Megan on a wonderful morning in the backcountry of Sardinia, in need of a cafe latte!

The seeds of San Diego Fly Rides were planted just as the Great Recession was coming into full swing. Like a lot of others around the country, Ike’s work of many years had began to dry up with the Recession and with nothing in the pipeline, Ike & Megan, husband & wife, decided to take some time off and follow a dream they had had for many years of biking through Italy and France. With that they sold off many of their belongings, packed up the rest, and headed to Rome to begin an experience that would forever change their course. Many months, miles, and bicchieri di vino later Megan and Ike returned to the U.S. with the inspiration to start a tour company centered around bicycling. San Diego is the town they’ve adopted with a passion and appreciation that comes through fully in their business.

Hi I’m Megan, and first I’ll tell you a little about my awesome hubby-

Ike is our fearless leader, and he keeps us motivated and excited for the day-or else, lol!
He hails originally from New Orleans, and after studying architecture and working as a master stonemason for many years, he’s finally found his true calling in business and entrepreneurship. Also known as “Mr. Personality”, Ike loves people and it totally shows. I often hear “wow, I really like Ike!!” and I have to agree. 🙂

I come from Montana originally, and have worked quite a few different jobs- before Europe I worked as a luthier, doing repair and restoration of violin family instruments. Since moving to California I’ve worked as a Pilates instructor, and especially love doing teacher training. My role at Fly Rides is mostly as a web tech, backup bike mechanic, systems manager, and shop beautification director. If all the guys get stumped, they call me in to solve the problem!

Thanks for looking into our business, we hope to see you soon!

Ike & Megan Fazzio

Jerit George

Hey there! My names Jerit and I’m the Operations/Sales Manager here at San Diego Fly Rides!

Originally bred in Staten Island, NY (the forgotten borough), I used to be a “suit” for a majority of my life. I quit my job in banking and decided to leave it all and travel the world! 38 countries later, I had my fair share of the Big Apple and decided to do a cross country road trip with a couple of my friends from NY to California. While they ended up flying back, I stayed! My home is here now in San Diego where I’m all about the sun in the fun! (my folks still think I’m on vacation and they’re waiting for me to come back home).

I love anything outdoors – biking like a New Yorker on the baordwalk with my single-speed, hiking Torrey Pines and Cowles and setting up and stealing everyones smores at our weekly bonfire are a few of my pastimes. Though my backpacking days are over for the most part (with the exception of one trip), my focus now is to make your experience with us the best possible – whether it’s leading you to the best tours of San Diego or fitting you for the perfect E-Bike – I’m your guy! Visit us here at San Diego Fly Rides and I’ll hope to meet you soon!

P.S. Yes, that is a pinata.

Hey Dudes,

I’m Cameron, a rare native San Diegan. I’m the Service Manager at Fly Rides, and am happy to help you keep your ebike in shape!

I’m an avid sailor- I’ve completed multiple Tras-Pac Sailing Races and many other sailing events.

I love traveling, especially to Mexico with my wife of eight years, but nothing is quite like San Diego. This is a perfect place for the outdoor enthusiast, like myself. Whether it’s snorkeling with the sea lions, off roading in the local mountains or just enjoying the day at Balboa park, there is never a lack of adventure in San Diego.

Cameron Hurley

Colby Munson

Hi I’m Colby! I’m a surfer, skier and geologist from Oregon. I moved down here to San Diego to enjoy the perfect weather and warm water. Along the way I discovered a soul-satiating affinity for burritos, specifically the “California burrito”, which can’t be replicated anywhere outside of San Diego- I’ve done a lot of off-the-clock research on the local Cali-burrito scene so make sure to get my recommendations!

I live a block from the ocean and enjoy catching a few waves before work, and maybe a few more, after.

From the fishing to the surfing, snorkeling, hiking and biking, San Diego is the closest thing to paradise in the lower 48 and I can never see myself leaving. The beach life is the only life for me; good waves and good vibes. Cheers!

Hey guys! I’m Scott, operations manager for our Los Angeles division, LA Fly Rides. Come up to LA, and I’m your guide!

I’m an actor, writer, runner, and climber from Virginia. I moved out to California a few years ago and have been exploring the whole state ever since. I love just about every part of Cali, but LA is definitely special to me. If you’re looking for the best museums, comedy clubs, or thai food ask me! I’m well on my way to hitting every spot in Thai town and will gladly share the best places.

If I’m not out biking, at a show, or on the trails running, I’m usually holed up in some coffee shop in West Hollywood working on what’s sure to be the next Casablanca.

The beaches, the trails, the culture: what’s not to love, man? Much like Randy Newman, I love LA. Let me show you around and share the love!

Scott Nickley

The Team

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