An electric bike is simply a bicycle equipped with a small and quiet electric motor.
Electric bikes require no fossil fuels and therefore are extremely Quiet, Clean, and Green!
Instead of a gas motor, electric bikes use a battery to supply power to the motor.
In our experience there’s a huge variety of people who love riding electric bikes.
They are for everyone who feels comfortable riding a traditional bicycle, and our most frequent customers are:
• Mountain bikers who want more fun!
• Anyone that wants an eco-friendly way to get around
• House boat or yacht owners
• RV travelers
• High school and college kids
• Those without a driver’s license
• Urban dwellers who don’t want to find and pay for parking
Some ways our happy customers use their electric bikes:
• Commuting to work
• Running errands
• Joy riding
• Exercise
• Touring
• Shredding some singletrack!
It depends on how much you’re using the power! This is affected by a lot of factors including rider weight, rider input, terrain, size of the motor, and number of amp hours in the battery. Most E-bikes have a range of 25-45 miles.
Now that’s Power & Freedom!
Yes, you will! Its a whole lot like riding an regular bike, so you’ll also need balance, steer, and brake!

There are different categories of ebikes that utilize different technology. For tours and rentals at Fly Rides we use Class 1 ebikes with Pedal Assist and motors that assist up to 20mph. You select how much help you’d like from the motor by choosing from 3-4 levels, and when you pedal, the assist automatically kicks in.

There are two other classes of electric bicycles:
• Class 2 ebikes have throttles that assist up to 20mph – with these you don’t have to pedal on the flats, but you’ll have a lot less range as they use way more battery power.
• Class 3 ebikes have pedal assist and a top speed of 28mph- these are most popular with commuters that know the road well and want to get there fast!

It is also worth noting that electric bikes have gears and are easy to ride without the help of the motor. If somehow you do run out of battery, you can still get home!

Most importantly because they’re fun! Whether you have an injury, a long commute, or you just want to save your energy for the rest of your day, an electric bike is a great way to get where you’re going without getting sweaty.
If you just feel a need for speed, you’ll be amazed at how far and how fast you can travel with a motor on board!
For most of our guided tours the minimum age is 15 years old, and riders need to be at least 4’10” tall.
If you have a 10-14 year old that wants to ride, check out our Family Fun tours that run at 10:30 am, or our cruiser and performance electric bike rentals!
For younger kiddos, we also have Thule Yepp child seats and Burley Bee Trailers available for rentals.
Yes! For our SoCal Riviera tour, the rider weight limit is 250 lbs., because of the climb up Mt. Soledad.
For our other tours and rentals, the weight limit is 280 lbs.
Tours and rentals come with a powerful electric bike equipped with a fully charged battery, a handlebar bag for personal items, and an adjustable helmet for safety. We provide bottled water and snack options, and strive to make sure your ride will be comfortable- if you’re underdressed we’ll loan you a jacket, and if its sunny we’ll offer sunscreen!
Rental packages include extensive online maps so you’ll know where you are and where you want to go, and bike locks so you can make stops on your journey.
Guided tours are led by professional tour leaders with extensive local and historic knowledge of the city. Our guides’ goal for each tour is to create an extraordinary experience that is fun, safe, and unforgettable!
We’ve crafted each of our tours to showcase a part of San Diego and La Jolla that we love and want to share with our guests. There is a huge variety of sights and scenes to see, so explore our tour menu for a full run-down. Feel free to give us a call if you want to know what tour will be best for you.
Rentals can be picked up from our tour office for a ride up Torrey Pines, around the Village of La Jolla, and up to Mt. Soledad for the view. Many of our rental customers head down to Pacific and Mission Beaches for a glorious day at of people watching.
Made a reservation, but something came up? We’d like this to be as painless as possible!
If you let us know at least 48 hours in advance, we’ll just give you a full refund. Yay!
Let us know the day before, and we only charge a $15/guest cancellation fee- not so bad!
Unfortunately we cannot give refunds for last minute cancelling / no-show / can’t ride for safety reasons, guests. 🙁
San Diego has famously amazing weather, and our tours are not generally strenuous, so casual clothing is appropriate. We recommend closed-toe shoes for safety, and layers for comfort. Helmets are required, so pick a hairstyle that won’t suffer!