2017 Bulls Lacuba EVO E45 Review

2017 Bulls Lacuba EVO E45 Review

2017 Bulls Lacuba EVO E45 Review

We’ve got the new 2017 Bulls electric bikes! Bulls had a great year in 2016, so we couldn’t wait to get a hold of their 2017 models. Over at Fly Rides, we’ve tested out a bunch of these models, we and want to share our experience with you all. Here is our 2017 Bulls Lacuba EVO E45 review.

Bulls has set buyers up with some solid commuter electric bike choices this year, but the 2017 Bulls Lacuba EVO E45 might be my favorite. What really sets this bike apart from the others in the Bulls lineup is its ability to go 28 mph. Commuting is all about getting where you’re going faster. This electric bike gives you the ability to do just that. In business districts and neighborhoods, you’re actually able to keep up with traffic. This means you’ll have to worry at lot less about vehicles speeding past you.

Let’s talk about the Brose motor. Brose is fast becoming one of my favorite motors. They are very quiet, have a huge range, and allow for a dual chainring on the front. Brose motors offer 90 newton meters of torque, meaning you can start from a stop very easily. This also makes hills a breeze. The next great thing is the range. Brose gives you 650 watt hours of battery life. That range is pretty much unparalleled by most other motors. It should give you up to 100 miles per charge. Finally, the way they integrate the battery so completely is very impressive. You almost can’t even tell the battery is there.

2017 Bulls Lacuba Evo E45 Review

Bulls always sets up buyers with solid components. On the 2017 Lacuba EVO E45, the Suntour air suspension fork will give you 63mm of travel for a very smooth ride. They’ve also gotten you a nice set of Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, which provide the necessary stopping power when you’re going 28. Of course, on any commuter bike, you’ll want a rear rack that offers pannier attachments and a possibility for a basket, and you get it with this bike!

For those riders who like a step-thru frame, Bulls has not forgotten about you. Take a look at the 2017 Bulls Lacuba EVO E45 Step-Thru below. All the same goods as the standard frame, but easier to mount.

2017 Bulls Lacuba EVO E45 Review

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Check out the rest of our 2017 electric bike reviews on our blog. Happy riding!

Author: Scott Nickley

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