2017 Haibike Xduro Fullseven 6.0 review

2017 Haibike Xduro Fullseven 6.0 Review

2017 Haibike Xduro Fullseven 6.0 reviewThe 2017 Haibikes are here! Over at San Diego Fly Rides, we’ve anxiously awaited their arrival. Every year I think, how could these bikes possibly get any better from last year? And every year, Haibike looks me straight in the face, laughs, and says, “here’s how.”

Right out of the box, these bikes impressed. They all have incredibly sleek and beautiful designs. But, looks aren’t everything, so we wanted to give you some information about the new fleet. In this review, we’ll look at the 2017 Haibike Xduro Fullseven 6.0.

As with a lot of the other models this year, the big new feature is that 100 watt hour improvement in battery life. Bosch has closed the gap with some of the monster batteries out there, and kept the quality of their motor at its already very high level. The 350 watt motor also offers 75 newton meters of torque for top-of-the-line power up hills and starting from a stop.

In terms of components, Haibike hooked their 2017 buyers up with some great upgrades. The Fox 34 Float Performance Lockout fork is a solid upgrade from most of the middle ground Fullsevens of 2016. They’ve also bumped you up to SRAM NX 11-speed derailleur system. Something I love about the bikes this year is the inclusion of the Haibike eLight system. This provides a preinstalled headlight and taillight that run off of the bikes power. No more worrying about changing your headlight’s battery or taking it with you when you lock the bike up somewhere.

When you get on the bike, you start to really feel the difference in the geometry. Haibike offers a more open ride in their 2017 models, which relaxes the ride a bit, and it just feels better. This bike is set for some intense downhills. The Magura MT4 brakes provide smooth and safe stopping power. The motor is not obtrusive in terms of sound, and it also keeps you in the action. I really dug the Fox rear shock. This was my first time using one, and I found its performance to be right on par with RockShox.

This is a great bike. It’s middle of the road in price in Haibike’s lineup, but the top grade components keep it a competitor on the trails.

If you’re interested in purchasing this bike, follow this link.

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