Best Bulls Bikes with Brose Motors

Best Bulls Bikes with Brose Motors

Best Bulls Bikes with Brose Motors

Brose motors are rapidly becoming some of my favorite on the electric bike market. Not many manufacturers take advantage of these remarkably quiet and powerful motor, but those that do end up with some of the best electric bikes out there. Bulls is one company who has really come up with some incredible models using the Brose system. Here are the best Bulls bikes with Brose motors.

To start, I’d like to give you some background on the motor itself. As I mentioned before, this motor is extremely quiet. You really can only hear it when it is topping out at its highest RPMs. This is a rare quality for electric bikes, and it is also an under-appreciated one. Another thing Brose is excellent at is keeping the motor and battery low-profile. Looking at the collection of Bulls electric bikes with Brose motors, you almost can’t even tell it is an electric bike. Having those components be low profile also helps with the ease of the ride. You have a much better center of gravity, and your bike is more efficient.

Coming in with 90 newton meters of max torque, Brose is also an incredibly powerful electric bike motor. High torque means you can accelerate faster, and you can get up huge hills with little effort. Finally, the main thing I love about Brose: they have a huge 650 watt hour battery life. Bulls and Brose estimate you can get 100+ miles per charge in low levels of assist with a battery this large. This is a game changer for reasons I’m sure you already understand: longer rides, less time charging, and the ability to harness a more powerful ride. Alright, let’s get to the bikes!

Bulls Lacuba Evo E8

Best Bulls Bikes with Brose Motors

This unique frame style called the Wave provides a great commuter for any rider. Notice how the battery isn’t even visible? That’s the brilliance of the Brose system. This makes the wave frame much more effective and easy to step into, and it is ideal for commuters looking for an easy-to-mount frame. Plus, you have more rear rack carrying capacity thanks to the battery not being mounted in the back.

You can follow this link to learn more or buy this bike: Bulls Lacuba Evo E8.

Bulls E-Stream Evo FS 3 27.5 Plus

Maybe you’re looking for an electric mountain bike. Bulls and Brose have you covered there too. The Bulls E-Stream Evo FS 3 27.5 Plus is one of the best downhill bikes out there. You’ve got wide, grippy tires, and great shifting and braking components for big hills. Brose helps keep your center of gravity where it needs to be with that low profile motor and battery. RockShox front and rear suspension makes even the most intense downhills incredibly cushy.

You can learn more or buy this bike here: Bulls E-Stream Evo FS 3 27.5 Plus

Best Bulls Bikes with Brose motors

If you’re looking for a mountain bike that is a bit lighter, look no further than the Bulls E-Stream Evo 2 27.5 Plus Carbon. The Brose motor complements this bike wonderfully. The lightweight aspect of both the frame and the motor means for an efficient and long-lasting ride. The hardtail makes this bike pretty affordable even though it is a carbon frame, which are typically more expensive.

You can learn more or buy this bike by following this link:Bulls E-Stream Evo 2 27.5 Plus Carbon

Bulls Lacuba EVO E45

Bulls Lacuba EVO E45

Sometimes you’re commuting, and you’ve just got to get there fast. The Bulls Lacuba EVO E45 is the way to go. The powerful Brose motor will get you where you’re going on time by assisting you up to 28mph, and help you arrive looking fresh instead of a sweaty mess. The huge battery means that you shouldn’t have to charge up more than once or twice in a work week. Bring along everything you need for the day on that sturdy rear rack.

You can learn more or buy this bike if you follow this link: Bulls Lacuba EVO E45.


So there you have it! Our favorite Bulls electric bikes that use Brose’s excellent system. Check out our blog for more breakdowns. Go to for our full lineup. Happy riding!