best cube electric bikes coming to the us in 2018

Best Cube Electric Bikes Coming to the US in 2018

Cube electric bikes are some of the most sought after bikes in Europe and Canada. Cube has not taken these German-made beauties to the States very heavily for reasons unknown, but the good news is that they will be coming to Fly Rides shortly! A very limited number of dealers will be carrying this top-of-the-line brand, including yours truly. We fell in love with Cube electric bikes at this year’s Eurobike and could not be more stoked to be a part of their limited network. Let’s take a look at the best Cube electric bikes coming to the US in 2018.


Acid Hybrid ONE Allroad 500 29

best cube electric bikes coming to the us in 2018

Starting off the best Cube electric bikes coming to the US in 2018: Nobby cyclocross tires, suspension fork with 100mm of travel, and integrated lights make the Acid Hybrid one of the most versatile and overall remarkable electric commuting bikes on the market. A Bosch Active Line motor provides 20 mph of assistance at 50nm of torque and 250 watts. The cyclocross tires allow you to take this bike on the road and on any trails you might encounter. This makes it an excellent option for bike touring as well. It’s a bike that is built like a hardtail mountain bike, but rides like a commuter.

When you hop on this bike you’ll probably notice the great handling. You’re in an aggressive enough position to keep some weight over the wheel, but in a comfortable enough position to ride for miles and miles. The Active line motor provides enough assistance for riders with moderate hills and have some cycling experience.

Town Hybrid Pro 500

Best Cube Electric Bikes Coming to the US in 2018

If you are looking for a more classic look with unbelievably easy entry, check out this electric commuter. The Town Hybrid series is great for comfortably cruising around town or taking on serious commutes. Integrated lights mean you can ride into the night, and a rack makes it possible to bring all your gear along. One of the things I love about these 2018 Cube electric bikes with Bosch’s Active line motor is that Cube still opted to bring along 500 watt hour batteries. Most other manufacturers opt for the 400 watt hour as a continued cost saving measure, but when you have the 50nm Active line, sometimes it’s necessary to stay in higher levels of assistance. Cube helps you with this by including the 500 watt hour option.

When I hopped on this bike, I loved the upright position. The Shimano Nexus 8-speed hub is easy to use and the chainguard helps keep your pants grease free. I love having a café lock so that I don’t have to fully lock up the bike if I’m still within eyeshot of it. The 26″ wheels should offer plenty of maneuverability and speed, especially for smaller riders.

Cross Hybrid ONE 400

best cube electric bikes coming to the US in 2018

If you’re in the market for a more basic ride, this is your answer. This is one of the best bikes for entry level e-cyclists, but it will also spoil you. The cyclocross style frame keeps riders in a very comfortable position while the suspension fork provides comfort on bumpy streets and allows for some curb hopping. For a pretty “normal” bike it also has some great features like Shimano hydraulic disc brakes.

The ride on this one reminded me a lot of my days riding a fixie around Golden Hill when I moved into town as a young, hip 20-something. Now that I’m a slightly older, still hip, 20-something, this felt like an appropriate upgrade. It’s not going to brake the bank and it keeps you in the action while still getting you up the hills of downtown San Diego.


Stereo Hybrid 120 ONE 500

best cube electric bikes coming to the us in 2018

Cube’s full suspension mountain bikes are great. Cube designed the Stereo Hybrid series with 120mm of full suspension travel which is the perfect amount for mountain bikers looking for some cross country riding. You’ll be able to hit gravel, dirt, fire roads, and maybe even a few single track sections if they don’t have crazy drops.

Cube uses a pretty traditional four-bar suspension system. There’s a reason this system is so popular–because it works! It keeps your wheels on the ground and riders in control as they cruise down rough terrain. Those who choose this bike are also going to get a Bosch Performance CX system along with Shimano Deore drivetrain and Shimano BR-M315 hydraulic disc brakes.

Stereo Hybrid 140 Pro 500 27.5

best cube electric bikes coming to us in 2018

A 2018 electric mountain bike lineup wouldn’t be complete without a bike with the Bosch PowerTube option. The Stereo Hybrid 140 Pro feeds that need for integration expertly. This is definitely a bit more rugged than the mountain bike above. It offers a headtube angle of 67.3 degrees for a pretty aggressive ride. Riders are also upgraded to a Shimano Deore XT drivetrain. Price is kept down with the cost effective Suntour suspension setup.

This Bosch Powertube bike impressed me quite a bit in comparison to a lot of its competitors. I don’t think a lot of electric bike manufacturers quite knew what to do with the Powertube. Some Bosch Powertube options just feel kind of clunky, but the Cube Stereo Hybrid keeps a nice feeling ride while integrating incredibly effectively.

Stereo Hybrid 120 EXC 500

best cube bikes coming to us for 2018

The final electric mountain bike I want to feature is perfect for riders looking into a high end cross country trail rider. A Fox Rhythm fork, Shimano Deore XT 11-speed derailleur, and Bosch Performance CX motor make the Stereo Hybrid 120 EXC a perfect option for intermediate to advanced mountain bikers. Cube offers clearance for a 2.6″ plus-sized tire for those who want a bit more traction.

You can sprint on trails whether going up or downhill thanks to the perfectly designed geometry. It’s a comfortable enough ride so that you can enjoy the full 500 watt hour battery charge. It’s also doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles which helps in keeping the weight down so that you can stay agile.

All-Around Performance

Reaction Hybrid Race 500

best cube electric bikes coming to the us in 2018

If you’re having a hard time deciding between a commuter and a full on mountain bike, look no further than the Reachtion Hybrid Race. This hardtail electric bike features the Bosch PowerPack with Cube’s intelligent integration. It’s like an integrated battery before Bosch was officially offering them. Very innovative. The RockShox Judy fork and Smart Sam tires will offer you plenty of comfort and traction for trails and gravel roads. The hardtail frame means you’re not losing efficiency while you’re on roads. 29″ wheels on the bigger frame sizes allow for maximum speed and comfort as well.

Acid Hybrid ONE Allroad 500 29

best cube electric bikes coming to the us in 2018

This electric bike offers a different type of all-around usage than the hardtail above. The Acid Hybrid ONE Allroad is better designed for bike touring usage. However, it’s still capable of taking on gravel, pavement, and maybe even a bit of loose dirt or mud. Cube again has beautifully integrated the PowerPack battery as opposed to opting for a PowerTube option. I loved riding this bike. It’s the most comfortable I have felt on a touring bike since my Fuji Touring that I adored.

It’s only a 9-speed Shimano derailleur in the back, but that should still offer plenty of power on the Bosch Active line. This is a bike that will definitely keep you in the action, but for true cyclists looking for a little extra kick, it could be the perfect choice.

Wrap Up

The 2018 Cube bikes offer loads of options. Whether you’re looking to cruise within your town or explore the wilderness surrounding it, Cube has you covered. The Bosch e-bike system continues to be an incredibly reliable motor, and the way Cube integrates that system is just perfect.

We’ll have another post on Cube for you guys when the 2019s start rolling in!