Best Electric Bikes with the Bosch Intube Battery

Best Electric Bikes with the Bosch Intube Battery

The Bosch Intube battery is finally available in the United States! Electric bike enthusiasts have been waiting on this development basically since completely integrated batteries have been a thing. Read on to check out the best electric bikes with the Bosch Intube battery.

It has been a rather long road to get Bosch Intube batteries approved in the States. It was very important to Bosch that they had UL certification before bringing the batteries to the mass market. Now that they’ve been approved, these bikes are expected to have limited quantities initially, so ,if you want one, grab it quick! Bosch has always been a top of the line motor, and now they have created a battery to rival the integration of Brose electric bikes. You’ll now get the power and reliability of a Bosch motor, but with the sleek downtube of a traditional bicycle.

2018 Riese & Muller Supercharger GT Touring HS

best electric bikes with bosch intube battery

I’m starting with a Riese & Muller Bosch intube bike because they are definitely the most versatile of the bunch. There are options for a mountain touring ebike (see the Supercharger Mountain) and also options for a geared hub making this line one of the most tech heavy bikes available. And, of course, Riese & Muller has continued to offer a dual battery option for riders looking to ride for at least 150 miles.

I love the GT Touring HS model specifically because of its real cycling feel and its incredible comfort. A Suntour Aion fork and a Cane Creek Thudbuster suspension seatpost provide a full suspension feel. Plus sized Schwalbe Moto-X tires provide extra cushion when riding over bumpy terrain. I also like that Riese & Muller have kept the integrity of the front triangle. You can see that the batteries load on the outside of the triangle so that you’ve got room for water bottle cages on the inner part of the triangle.

2018 Haibike XDURO AllMtn 9.0

best electric bikes with Bosch intube battery

Probably the most anticipated of the Bosch Intube bikes, the Haibike XDURO AllMtn 9.0 takes the always popular AllMtn line and amps it up a couple levels. The AllMtn line is a lot slacker in terms of the build this year, which is great for riders who want to ride a little more aggressively. The Intube battery improves the center of gravity so that riding feels even more like traditional mountain biking on the downhills. Another cool feature on the Haibike’s with Bosch’s intube battery is the Modular Rail System. This is allows riders to put bottle cages, frame bags, or pumps anywhere on the downtube.

Serious e-MTB riders will love the downhill capability of this bike, but it is also suited to intermediate and beginning riders who want a spec-heavy bike for fire roads and single-track trails. Check out the Fox 34 Elite suspension, Magic Mary tires, and Mavic wheelset for clues as to why this will be a top choice electric bike in 2018.

2018 Bulls Six50 EVO AM 4

Best Electric Bikes with the Bosch Intube Battery

On the other hand, you could go with the Bulls high-end option with the Six50 EVO AM 4. In my opinion, this is the best eMTB available this year with a Bosch motor. I love that Bulls has set you up Fox Factory fork with Kashima coating. That fork also comes with 36 mm stanchions whereas many of the other eMTBs come with 34mm. There is pretty much no expense spared in terms of components. KS-Lev dropper seatpost, Magic Mary tires, DT Swiss wheelset, and of course the Bosch Performance CX motor with the new intube battery make this a solid option for those riders looking for some high-end action.

2018 Haibike SDURO Trekking 9.0

Best Electric Bikes with the Bosch Intube Battery

If you’re looking for less of a trail rider and more something that is going to get you from point A to point B, check out the SDURO Trekking 9.0. This would be a great option for commuters and those interested in bike touring. All the components on this bike are top of the line. Haibike sets you up with a Shimano Deore XT drivetrain and brakes. It’s crucial to have top components for shifting and braking on a commuting bike. You also have a carrier that can hold up to 55 pounds of gear–another necessity.

In terms of the build, this ebike really is a complete commuter. The geometry keeps you upright. Haibike includes fenders and integrated lights. You also get Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires which are the top tire for street riding. There’s even a low-step option.

Riese & Muller New Charger GT Nuvinci HS

Best Electric Bikes with the Bosch Intube Battery

Another of the incredible hand-build options from Riese & Muller, the New Charger series are a sleek looking bunch with a wide variety of options. I chose the GT Nuvinci HS because I love 28 mph bikes and I think the Nuvinci hub gear is one of the best drivetrains on the market. There is no maintenance with this system. Ever. It also is one of the smoothest drivetrains available. There are not set speeds as it is a CVT. As with most hub gears, you also don’t have to pedaling when you shift.

There are loads of options within the New Charger family. They are all built with this same sleek design and are incredibly comfortable to ride. Check out the New Charger Mountain for a trail-ready bike. As with all Riese & Muller bikes, there are upgrades to please even the pickiest rider.


Of course, these are just a few of the options available with the new Bosch Intube battery. To check out a full lineup, go to the collection on our website. We do expect these bikes to sell very quickly initially, but they will probably become the norm long term. Be one of the first to snag these brand new eBikes!