Bulls Sturmvogel E Evo

Review of the Bulls Sturmvogel E Evo

Bulls Sturmvogel E Evo

Review of the Bulls Sturmvogel E Evo

Hey hey, this is Megan with Fly Rides!  I want to put a spotlight today on one of the most stylish bikes in our line up right now- the Bulls Sturmvogel E EVO.  For those that want to cruise around town, looking effortlessly chic, this bike will check all your boxes.

The Power-

It’s really strong, goes really far, and has a top speed of 20 mph!  If that’s all you need to know, you can skip ahead 🙂

With ebikes, you want to make sure you have a strong enough motor to carry you along, with enough torque to get you started, and a big enough battery to last you for your longest rides.  This bike uses the powerful Brose motor, with 90 nm of torque- that’s a lot!  It’s still smooth though, and quiet.  The motor is hidden in the bottom bracket shell, right where the crank (pedal) arms attach, which gives it a low center of gravity.  Mid-drive motor bikes like these are the most popular on the market these days because the power feels more seamless and connected to the rider’s input.  They are also also much easier to work on if you have a flat tire!  The Sturmvogel also has a massive battery pack- 17.5Ah / 650 Wh, with the range listed as 137 miles (that would be in the lowest assist level, on flat ground).  I’d say for the average rider on varied terrain, you’ll likely be able to go about 60 miles on the lowest level and at least 30 miles in the highest assist level.  You can charge the battery on the bike, or easily remove it from the frame to charge it inside.

The Looks-

With its elegant Euro styling, this bike looks super fresh!  It comes in a classic soft white color, with cognac brown accents.  The white wall tires, leather grips, and leather saddle look great together.  The saddle is a little firm, which I do like, but if you want a little more cush for your tush, you could easily swap it out for another- I like the Selle Royal Drifter or the Brooks B17 Pre-aged.  If you want to make the ride even softer, you could put on a BodyFloat seatpost- it’s like having rear suspension!  The handlebars have a mustache design, which helps you sit up straight for your casual rides. It comes in four sizes- 41, 46, 51, and 56 cm.  I’m about 5’5”, and the 46 is just about right for me- but I wouldn’t go any larger.

The bike looks super clean, partly because the battery and motor are so well integrated you barely notice them.  It looks like a fixie, but it’s not!  See the next section to find out why 🙂

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The Components-

One of the best parts of going with a company like Bulls is that you know their components are going to be on point.  The Sturmvogel has a Shimano Alfine rear derailleur and hub- internal shifting, no messy rear cassette to keep clean!  Just like with a traditional derailleur, it works best if you shift when it’s not under load.  If you see a hill coming up, go ahead and shift before you get there and ease off the pedals for about a second until it shifts.

The brakes are Shimano BR-M447s, and once you go hydraulic you’ll never want to go back.  The levers pull so easily, you’ll never feel too worked with your hands.  They are maintenance free day-to-day, you’ll just want to get them checked over every 6 months or 2K miles, to see if you need new pads.

The Sturmvogel  comes with built-in lights that run off the battery power- so convenient!  The display is easy to use and takes up hardly any room.  Just give a firm push up or down to control your pedal assist level.

The Lowdown-

This bike is for the relaxed urban rider, who wants to look fresh on their way to brunch and running errands, and wants a low maintenance, powerful, and quality ride.  The best way to decide if you like it, is to try one!  Come down to our shop in La Jolla for test rides, and we’ll show you some great options.


– Megan

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