Tubeless Better for Electric Mountain Biking

Top 3 Reasons Why Tubeless Tires are Better for Electric Mountain Biking

Why Going Tubeless is Better for Electric Mountain Biking

It’s safe to say that more serious mountain bikers are walking away from tubes and going tubeless. But you don’t have to be a professional to benefit from a tubeless tire setup. Electric bike (eBike) cyclists are finding it advantageous to ditch pinch flat-ridden tubes for the tubeless alternative. Here are three reasons why going tubeless is better for electric mountain biking.

More Puncture Resistance

Contrary to popular belief, a tubeless tire is more puncture resistant than a tube and tire setup. How, you ask? Mountain bikers tend to use lower tire pressure for increased grip than road cyclists. Lower tire pressure in a tube-tire system increases the possibility of pinch flats when rolling through rocks and tree roots. Eliminating the tube prevents pinch flats altogether, helping you ride longer and further. In addition, the sealant, or “slime,” used to prevent punctures fills the holes when the tire is pricked by thorns or glass.

Increased Grip

As previously mentioned, a properly installed tubeless tire allows eBike mountain bikers to roll with lower tire pressures to increase grip for those gnarly switchbacks. Traction is one of the more important aspects of mountain biking, whether you’re riding on gravel, mud or tightly packed dirt. Increased grip means you can climb more efficiently and roll downhill faster.  

Less Weight

Let’s face it. An eBike is a bit heavier than typical mountain bikes. Saving weight, especially rotational weight, will benefit the eMTB cyclist immediately. No more installing heavy duty tubes and no need to carry patches to the trail. Although it still makes sense to carry a spare tube, you can rest assure that the sealant will prevent most small thorn issues. Less weight and lower tire pressures will help you climb better and provide a more comfortable ride.

Electric mountain bike riders should seriously consider getting rid of the tube from their tire setup. Replacing the tire-tube system and upgrading to a tubeless setup with sealant reduces rotational weight, eliminates pinch flats, and helps increase tire grip for a more comfortable eMTB ride.

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